Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse (Rubjerg Knude Fyr)

Discover standing on top of sand dune and get sand in your face, regardless of wind conditions. In the not so distant past was Rubjerg Knude an active guy in the Danish Marine Administration. The lighthouse was looking marine hazards safely along the west coast of Vendsyssel. Unfortunately, fired only a short term as the wind constantly piled sand up between the lighthouse and the sea. Eventually could not be fired from the sea and the lighthouse feature set. But the lighthouse was allowed to stand. The sand came closer and closer. For a time, the lighthouse was converted to a sand drift Museum (part of the Museum in Hjørring) but soon threatened the sand fired so violently that it was no longer safe to use the buildings. The sand invaded fired, both internally and externally and only the top of the lighthouse was visible. Today the sand again by uncovering fired, the sand is a simple download of being blown past the lighthouse and now forms more and more dune east of the lighthouse and the lighthouse will again be on the west side. Do not miss the magnificent experience of nature, see nature’s ravages and power, experience the super fine grit in the face, feel it in your hand – and discover that you subsequently have sand in your hair, skin and inside in every crevice of your clothes.


Lønstrup is today a very popular holiday destination. The area around Lønstrup has more than 100 years been the most well creating attractive holiday destination for families, both Danish, German, Norwegian and Swedish. The area has several large cottage areas. But not least Lønstrup is charming. The city has, despite the many visitors managed to preserve its identity, its old self. The city exudes calm, comfort and natural beauty. The city has many beautiful buildings and a very good commercial life like small artisans have found a place in the city. In addition, the exciting stories of fishing liver from Lønstrup with hauling of fishing boats on the beach, sea erosion of the coast, men attempt to protect the coast, and especially the story of the great flood that was about to pull the whole Lønstrup with the sea. Lønstrup has a good tourist office (tel. +45 9625 2200), Who like to put themselves at your disposal.


Hirtshals is a relatively new port city with good connections to Norway through the large ferries several times a day calling at the port. But Hirtshals is much more than a commercial. Hirtshals was once one of the major fishing ports and still has a large population of fish cutters and -travlere. Experience the intense pulse in the fishing port and the auction house and see how the standoff with the one present at the port where the fleet is unloaded or is re sea for the next catch. In Hirtshals you will also Nordsømuseet and Oceanariet, which attempts to describe the North Sea through pictures, posters and filled aquariums. Nordsømuseet and Oceanariet has good facilities and teaching resources for teaching. Contact Hirtshals Tourist Office (tel. +45 9894 2220,


A visit to Vendsyssel condition next a visit to Skagen – Denmark’s northernmost city. See the special Skagen houses in Gl. Skagen Skagen, enjoy the fishing harbor, the gray lighthouse, see and feel the forces when the two have the beats together Skagen branch or go visit one of the many art museums in Skagen. Here are the world art with Michael and Anna Anker, PS Krøjer and many, many others. Experience again the sand and wind power, visit The Buried Church. And do not miss a trip to Northern Europe’s largest sand mile – Raabjerg mile – daily changing face when the wind moves around on the large deposits of fine, fine grit. Get a feeling that the dune annually migrate several meters from west to east. Skagen Tourist Office (tel. +45 9844 1377,, would like to give you inspiration for what else you should see.


The commercial town Hjørring is also worth a visit. Discover the water jump to music on P. Nørkjærs Square, the rich variety of shops, Hjørring museum with good exhibits of both local history as national treasures. Ask Hjørring Tourist Office (tel. +45 9892 0232) on what specifically happens when you are in the area.


A hike through the loop can also be a good experience. Tag this what it means to be a tourist town that lives and breathes by and for tourists. In summer, the city is filled with happy tourists as well into the night puts his mark on city life, in winter, the city is quiet and empty – and yet! Today, throughout the year by being tourist season, so even in the dark time, there is life in the city, albeit at a slower pace. The loop Tourist Office (tel. +45 9899 1009,, will assist you with information about anything and everything.


The above are just a small selection of what you should see when you are on a Holiday in Denmark. Thus, there is no mention, for example
– Højers Ravsliberi in Mygdal which processes treasures of the sea to the beautiful jewelry and who enjoy sharing the amber and its history,
– Boerglum Monastery and Boerglum Abbey church which is an old priory, (tel. +45 9899 4440,
– Skallerup Seaside Resort, which is a large resort with villas, indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym and treatment center (tel. +45 9924 8400,,,
– Hiking to the top of Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse,
– Hiking in the area around Rubjerg old cemetery,
– Hiking in Aasted Valley by Ravnshøj,
– Hiking in Katsig Bakker at Hørmested,
– Hiking in Hjørring Mountains and the view from the observation tower ‘Belevue’ at Hjørring Mountains,
– Agriculture Museum in Mosbjerg (part of Hjørring Museum,
– …

And do not forget that below the dunes is an attractive beach!